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The Victor ,.Handmade Leather Travel Bag

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Inspired by the beautifully detailed handmade leather travel bags so common from the finest European leather craftsmen from eras past this,.this new bag is made by local leather #craftsmen right here in Dallas Texas.

Back when travel was an elegant affair and people demanded both beauty and quality in their everyday clothing and accessories the touch of artisanal expression was a something proudly celebrated and aspired to by all facets of society.

At one times everything was of course made by hand by craftspeople whom spent decades of their lives learning the intricacies of their craft. And people who could afford to travel frequently required the absolute best in terms of durability and design. Originally travel articles designed to hold your personal items were simply large trunks or woven bags made of leather or heavy cloth usually hauled around by slaves or beast of burden.

Large leather trunks remained the norm all the ay back from antiquity to the age of sail and steam. The arrival of reliable air travel finally brought about the requirement for the type of travel bag that this item successfully immolates .

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