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Ive never seen or felt Horse Hide so soft!

This BEAUTIFUL Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket has a unique blend of the features from both the classic A1 flying jacket used by the US Army Air Crps pilots famuosly worn during WW2 and the enduring classic "Top Gun" G1 Flight Jacket Used by Naval Air Crews to this very day.

-- DAMAGE & WEAR NOTE = There is a  small hole in the lower knitting on the back of the jacket -  VIEW PICS for visual image!!!

The quality of cnstruction and materials used in this piece is puts it at the very top of my collection of leather jackets and garments That includes mt 4 genuine US Navy G1 Jackets. 

I cant say enuogh great things about this garment other then it fits a tad bit too roomy despite beign labled an XL

That is probably an advantage for when yuo want to wear it beneath a roomy winter sweater Lol!

It is expensive but extmely beautiful and very very comfortable and will some basic care will remain gorgeous for generations to come 



Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket XL Brown Horse Hide

$415.00 Regular Price
$290.50Sale Price
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