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Dio Bussola Denim

The Dio Bussola Blue Jeans Have Arrived!

After roaming Rome Italy for about 4 months searching for the absolute BEST denim fabric the Italians had to offer I finally purchased several meters ( not yards,.because they sell by the meter here in Europe LoL) and sent about 3/4th of it back home to Texas. There, the material was tested,.a pattern was created and a prototype pair of bespoke Italian denim blue jeans where created and sent back to me here in Rome!

I have spent the last couple of weeks practically living in these blue jeans in order to make sure their not just good,.but great!

So the first thing youll notice about these jeans is that the color appears different in different types of light. the true color is a light gray tinged blue,.but the fabric can look a lot darker or lighter depending on whether your indoors or outside or if the day is sunny or overcast! Which is really really cool!

graySome of these color changes can be attributed to various cameras in various conditions plus the post production of the images in photoshop. However,..the fabric of these jeans ( I promise theres only one pair LoL) really display a beautiful blue-ish, gray hue and slight understated sheen that's almost difficult to capture on camera unless your indoors.

Color compared to my Levis 501's

The Levis 501's are on the left. You can see how much more BLUE they appear next to my prototype pair of Italian jeans. The Dio Bussola pair almost appear gray in this side by side.

Thew denim itself is extremely elegant. Which isnt a word normally associated with this type of fabric,.but being Italian theres really no other way to say it. it feel so incredibly soft, smooth and compliant. Your hand just glides over it yet its still clearly 100% authentic denim. These jeans are beautiful Raw Denim in fact! Totally unwashed.

The fabric comes from one of the best suppliers here in Rome and although it looks beautiful on the roll,.you have no idea how terrific it looks when its actually cut into a pattern and put together!

So far the jeans are performing really well. Yes,.theres still some work to be done but thats why we started with a prototype. After a few minor adjustments to both pattern and design well be ready to rock and roll and get this beautiful and exotic denim to yoU!

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