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Olah,..Barcelona Spain!!!

Spains beloved unforgettable gem is a remarkable center for art, food and commerce ! The jewel of the northeastern coast of Spain,.Barcelona is the gorgeous port city capitol of the municipality of Catalonia and simply the mesmerizing equal of the other famous cities of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

Legend has it that the city was founded by the great Carthaginian Warrior Hamilcar Barca, Father of Hannibal, whom named the city Barcino after his family in the 3rd century BC. By 15 BC the Romans were using it as one of many small colonies along the #Mediterranean were it quickly outgrew its neighboring port cities in wealth and influence due to its impressive harbor.

Boasting amazing art and architecture by Antoni Gaudi as well as a wonderful Gothic cathedral It is very easy to see why this city continues to increase in popularity among travelers the world over.

Barcelona is a city that rewards the dedicated traveler,.both in terms of events, restaurants historical sights, cultural places and its ability to move large numbers of tourist from point A to point B! Of course food is one of is biggest and best attributes.

I think leaning to appreciate #food is the best and quickest way to learn about,.and ingratiate oneself into a new culture,..

A key main recipe in #Barcelona is the beloved seafood an rice dish known as

#Paella - a Spanish mix of rice, saffron, Chicken , #seafood and more all served in a shallow pan is a massive local #Foodstaple of the local culture and a must eat for #adventurous #foodies from around the Globe.

Fried squid ink is also a staple of the local seafood diet

My personal favorite seafood from my time in Barcelona is of course my beloved shrimp!

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