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Vintage Avenue

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Best Luxury Vintage clothes shop in Rome.

A fantastic place for rugged style men and classy classic ladies!

Located about a 5 minute walk from Rome's Campo Di Fiori,.along Via del Chiavari,..THIS is my absolute favorite vintage clothes shop in Rome. Awesome quality selection and super friendly knowledgeable owner whom also,.has is own brand of clothing!

Vintage Avenue is a beautiful little hidden gem of a store. Its much more high end in both appointment and cleanliness than most thrift shops and vintage clothing places in Rome. The clothes themselves are highly curated and the prices reflect that fact,..however nothing feels or seems over priced.

For the Ladies:

This particular ladies garment is a leather jacket and is actually an example of the owners own "Vintage Avenue" brand! It's hand made from beautiful Italian leather and would look spectacular on any woman whom wants to be stylish and unique.

Beautiful diamond-quilted ladies jacket made from Italian fabric is a common style choice for locals. The turnover for his vintage garments is actually very fast to dont expect all of these items to be here when your visiting Rome.


For The Men:

Off course,..Leather Jackets, Military Field jackets, Flight Jackets and Blue Jeans.

His rugged style selection of vintage military mens clothing is really the best in Rome!

A beautiful combination of a G1 style Navy Flight Jacket and a fur-lined Shearling bomber! I actually adore this piece,.but unfortunately its already gone.

This gorgeous A2 flight Jacket is made in America by Avirex and its vintage styled WW2 squadron patches give it the type of dashing, heroic, fighter pilot vibe so many rugged style men are always looking for. #ww2flightjacket

His Shearling B3 Bomber jackets are a big favorite with men and women. Very warm, stylish and authentic, being made in America and fantastically priced! In fact they tend to sell very fast,.especially since their really following the classic intermediate flight jackets and entering the popular culture. #A2flyingjacket #badass

A Few Good Field Jackets!

Like the classic slogan from the US Marines,..A Few Good Men" he doesn't have many but their all special and very well chosen. #bomberjacket #searlingjacket

Authentic looking US Army Air Corps insignia from WW2! #usarmyaircorp #ww2insignia #deckjacket #fieldjacket #ruggedstyle

Off course there's so much more,.and truly too much to show in this first post on the Dio Bussola blog. But hopefully well bring more items in the near future.

Ciao & cheers from Rome Italy.

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