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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

We aim to be a unique style experience! Featuring original pieces as well as custom brands from rugged style, to streetwear to luxury.

Like myself and my fiancée pictured above. Dio Bussola,. (which translates from Italian into "God Compass") is a heady mix of American vision, strength and know-how with Italian elegance, beauty and sophistication. Its an exotic and exhilarating combination,.of two very different cultures which brings about a unique style adventure for people everywhere from all walks of life. Dio Bussola designs range from minimalist, military inspired, understated pieces all the way to over-the-top, overstated, loud garments that are nothing short of theatrical, with every bit of flair in between.

Design with Flair

Sometimes,.true style icons are people you know in your own lives. Or, perhaps maybe even you yourself!

For me it was my dearly departed Italian - Ethiopian, Love of my life!

Tragically, she departed this world after a long,brave battle with cancer in Spring 2019. However, before she left we had planned to start a business together. Dio Bussola is the realization of that persistent dream!

My beautiful Queen Bee lights up Piazza Navona in Rome Italy while visiting me from her home town of Naples Italy back in Spring 2017. Almost a year before she passed. #rome

Our Vision!

Our shared vision saw Dio bussola focusing both on bringing beautifully curated vintage clothes back to the fashion masses as well as designing bold new pieces that move away from the standard, cookie cutter tropes of style so everyone can have an opportunity to develop their own stylistic voice.

We loved each other,..we believed in each other,..

We believe in you!

Be an original, someone whith your own powerful style voice!

Join us at Dio Bussola.

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